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Oprah Winfrey set to auction off items from Montecito home

Oprah Winfrey set to auction off items from Montecito home

CARPINTERIA, Calif. - Media mogul Oprah Winfrey is auctioning off her old furniture and home decorations as she gets ready to renovate her 42-acre Montecito home.

The auction takes place inside a big tent at the Santa Barbara Polo Club in Carpinteria Nov. 2. Montecito Journal columnist Richard Mineard says it will be "the sale of the century."

"Everybody will want to get a piece of the action, in some form or another," Mineard said. "[There] might be a little photograph signed by the President, which I gather is one of the items."

Potential buyers may pay $100 to see the items the day before the event.

"There are going to be thousands of pieces," said Mineard. "It's not only going to attract people locally, but nationally, and I even think internationally because Oprah is such a global figure."

Winfrey has not yet announced where the proceeds will go.

The renovation will set the stage for Winfrey's 60th birthday bash in January. Rumors say Beyoncé and Tina Turner might perform and that stars like Julia Roberts, John Travolta and Tom Cruise are on the guest list.

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