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Old Town Market Thrives Among Community

Market considered a modern-day watering hole

VIDEO: On the Road: Orcutt Old Town Market

ORCUTT, Calif. - The Old Town Market in Orcutt carries all the essentials needed for the home, everything from snacks, novelty items and cleaning supplies. But it's much more than just a market. Some might call it a community center of sorts.

"I love the family atmosphere in here. You know, you come in here and you just feel comfortable," said Joe Dana, a regular customer at the market.

The building has quite a history. It was built in 1948, and was the original Scolari's, a grocery chain that started in Orcutt.

Over the years, the store was bought and sold--turning into a Lucky's, then a JJ's, and eventually the Old Town Market.

While it may be small, the market plays a big role in the community, thanks to Mark Steller, the owner. For the last 10 years, Steller has done many things to adjust to a changing market. But throughout the years, he's still managed to keep an inviting and hometown feel.

"We have our house guitar here, so anyone who comes guitar-less there's no excuse they can just come in and start playing guitar," Steller explains as he hold up a guitar. Everything from game night, to community meetings to weekly barbeques for everyone in town is held, right at the market.

For shoppers like Joe Dana, this all adds up to a cornerstone of life, in Orcutt.

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