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Off-duty Lompoc Police Officer Charged with DUI

Veteran David Garcia stopped by fellow LPD officer

LOMPOC, Calif. - An off-duty veteran Lompoc Police officer is facing driving under the influence charges after being stopped by a fellow officer.

It happened early in the morning last Friday on "H" Street.

Lompoc Police say Officer David Garcia was off-duty, driving his own car when he hit a tree in the median along the 200 block of North H Street, a Lompoc Police officer on-duty and on patrol saw it happen and watched Garcia keep driving northbound

Garcia was eventually pulled over several blocks away with the arresting officer believing Garcia may have been driving under the influence.

A decision was then made to have the Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Department come in and handle on the on-scene investigation of the off-duty Garcia.

In a statement to Central Coast News, Lompoc Police says the Sheriff's Department briefly took officer Garcia into custody and then released him with a citation for DUI.

Garcia has been with LPD for about 15 years.

Lompoc Police say they cannot comment on whether Garcia has been allowed to return to active duty because it's a personnel matter.

Garcia was not booked into Santa Barbara County Jail.

The County District Attorney's Office will decide what charges he'll face.

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