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'Obamacare' open enrollment set to begin

Open Enrollment begins Tuesday

A key part of The Affordable Care Act or Obamacare is set to kick in at midnight Monday. For those who are already insured, the open enrollment will have no affect. 

However, uninsured legal U.S. citizens can soon begin shopping for health care coverage by going to

In a simple step-by-step process online, customers can get information about the plans they may be eligible for, and how much it will impact their bottom line.  

If you do not get health insurance by the open enrollment deadline of March 15, penalties will kick in. Adults will have to pay $95 a year or 1 percent of their income -- whichever is greater. Kids will pay $47.50 and by 2016 the fine will go up to $695 per person. \

NewsChannel 3 Reporter Shirin Rajaee has more. 

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