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Non-Profit Groups In Need of Volunteers

Alpha Club in Lompoc Cancels A 91-Year-Old Traditional Event

LOMPOC, Calif. - For non-profit groups, a traditional or annual event is an important tool. Director of the United Boys and Girls Club, Lompoc Clubhouse, Dena Kern said, "In order to have any kind of momentum you need to continue to have an event over and over again."

 Times are tough for many non-profit groups right now.  

Jeanne McBratney, president of the Alpha Club in Lompoc, said "It's tough because everybody's money is limited.

The Alpha Club board announced they've canceled the annual alpha club flower show, a 91 year old tradition.

"We were lower on arrangements and lower on attendance so we thought lets try something new," McBratney said.

The Alpha club instead will present a ‘Garden Tour,' showcasing 5 local gardens on May 3, 2014.

McBratney said "We hate to see it go this year but that's only this year we don't know what will happen next year."

Kern said things began to get bad for non-profit groups in 2008 and haven't gotten better since.

Kern said, "We've been able to continue providing services but we've really had to reinvent ourselves in many ways, we won't go back to the way we did it before."

It's not just about the money the organizations say they need more manpower.

"We're down to just two major fundraising events because you need to have a group of volunteers that are able to support it so were not using paid staff."

Alpha Club hopes to bring the flower show back in coming years.

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