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No, the Santa Barbara News-Press is not going out of business

Questions arise after Sat. edition never arrives

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - Dozens of Santa Barbara residents contacted KEYT after the local Santa Barbara News-Press failed to arrive on their doorsteps as expected on Saturday.

Saturday's missed delivery is the second strange hiccup the daily paper had run into in as many days after multiple pages of Friday's edition were left blank.

One viewer contacted KEYT to inquire if the paper had unexpectedly gone under. Another supposed that the missed paper was a sign of instability at the Santa Barbara staple.

Many calls were made to the News-Press by concerned customers, only to receive a busy tone on the other line.

Theories were shared on Facebook and Twitter and users vented about the lack of information on Santa Barbara's community sounding board Edhat.

But as with most wild conspiracies, the actual explanation is much more mundane.

The paper's co-publisher took to social media to make clear what was going on with Friday and Saturday's edition: printer issues.

Arthur von Wiesenberger of the News-Press said a printing problem was to blame for the blank pages on Friday's paper, a problem that was not resolved in time for Saturday's release. 

The co-publisher said that Sunday's paper would be printed at a different plant and sent out as normal. 

He apologized for the inconvenience and reminded subscribers that they can visit the online edition of the paper, which is provided as part of their print subscription.

The Santa Barbara News-Press is one of the oldest daily newspapers in the nation and the oldest in Southern California. It has thousand of regular readers and has been publishing from the city of Santa Barbara since 1855.

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