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News Videographers React To Deltopia Riot Coverage

Derek Olson, Paul Mihalec Filmed Isla Vista Chaos Seen Around The World

News Videographers React To Deltopia Riot Coverage

ISLA VISTA, Calif. - NewsChannel 3 had two videographers in the crowd as the riot in Isla Vista was unfolding Saturday night.

Their images have been seen around the world.

"I'm just worried about the bricks, man," said Derek Olson. His voice could be heard in the background of the chaos he was filming.

"The stop signs have been torn out of the ground," said Paul Mihalec, as he spoke on the phone during the live Saturday newscast.

Follow these links to watch raw video shot by KEYT NewsChannel 3 staff of the Isla Vista Riots. Warning: This video contains profanity and images people may find disturbing.

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-Raw Video: Isla Vista Riots 02

-Raw Video: Isla Vista Riots 03

-Raw Video: Isla Vista Riots 04

-Raw Video: Isla Vista Riots 05

-Raw Video: Isla Vista Riots 06

-Raw Video: Isla Vista Riots 07

The annual street party known as Deltopia turned into something much more.

For Olson, it was frightening but he kept the camera rolling.

"I felt like what I was doing was important. That helped make the fear a little easier to cope with. And just sad. It was just sad that it had come to that. You know, so senseless," he said.

For both videographers in the massive crowd, they felt the affects of law enforcement trying to disperse the unruly group.

"You guys might want to go back inside here," said Olson as a warning to people on the street.

Olson was able to move freely in the crowd but Mihalec was standing on top of a news vehicle to get the footage. That's when he saw a canister fly his way.

"Oh, there's a tear gas can right in front of me," he said while still on the phone.

"Well first when I saw the canister I think if you listen to my voice it was kind of like I was still trying to be a news man, I was trying to be very objective about it. But then it slowly donned on me as I pulled back with the shot that there was going to be consequences to this that didn't involve just talking to someone on a telephone line," said Mihalec.

"This is going to get bad. This is going to get really bad!"

He had his camera gear in tow and tried to catch his breath. That's when someone from a nearby house saw him on the ground and asked if he needed help.

"A good Samaritan who I'd like to thank right now, came back out with a sports drink bottle filled with water and I used it to rinse down my face and drink a little bit," he said.

As Olson got closer to the front lines of the group, it got more dangerous.

"Every time I started to feel comfortable in a place, a rock would come in, a tear gas canister would come in, a bottle would crash within feet of me," he said.

In the end, both Olson and Mihalec said they feel a sense of accomplishment knowing they got the video that told the story.

"This is the last Deltopia ever," said a voice on the video. "No question about it."

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