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New State Street underpass: Ideas range from lighting to dolphin sounds

Community members have serious and humorous ideas

Suggestions from residents, including artists and architects could help with the redesign of the State Street underpass. (John Palminteri/KEYT photo)

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - An array of ideas have come to the surface when the Santa Barbara community was asked to help redesign the look of the State Street underpass.

They met in a town hall setting Wednesday night inside a rustic art workshop.

Some ideas and hand-drawn images were marked down on large tablets mounted on easels as they came in. Others were written on sheets of sticky paper and added to walls.

They included more lanes for bikes, fewer lanes for cars, wider areas for pedestrians and creative lighting.

Some people wanted different audio such as the sounds from dolphins, whales, and the ocean. Humorous ideas included an ant farm, a trampoline and a gondola ride.

City leaders will study the ideas and refine the suggestions for architects and artists to consider for a full-scale redesign proposal.

Caltrans is also involved since the project involves the freeway structure built in 1991 with gray walls and ornamental walkways.


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