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New Recycling Redemption Law Financially Hurting Recyclers

New Recycling Redemption Law Financially Hurting Recyclers

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - A new law that tightens the state's recycling redemption rules is squeezing cash out of recyclers.

Last November California changed its recycling redemption rules.

Under the new law, recycling centers only take items for which a CRV was paid, like soda cans, beer bottles, and plastic water bottles.

This is different from years past when recycling centers would give you some cash for items on which you didn't pay a CRV, on like wine and liquor bottles.

Remember all these items should still be recycled, you just can't get any money for them.

"That rate structure basically had to do with you could mix non-redemption bottles, like wine bottles, with redemption bottles and get paid a lesser rate, which is known as the co-mingle rate, and then there is your segregated rate so there was a two-tier rate structure," said Philip Marteney recycling administrator for Marborg Industries.

The new law is really impacting people who cash in bottles and plastic to get by.  Santa Barbara resident Philip Marteney recycles for a living.  He said, the new recycling laws have cut his income in half. "I was making about 85 dollars a day, and now I am making 45 dollars a day," said Marteney.

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