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New Isla Vista Shirts Unite Community After Tragedy

'Isla Vista United' and '#Notonemore' are now being sold

Isla Vista Support Shirts

ISLA VISTA, Calif. - New t-shirts are coming off the silkscreen machines in Isla Vista to help the community rebound from the mass killings by Elliot Rodger.  Already many advance orders have come in.

Garrett Gerstenberger with Isla Vista Screen Printing says, they have two shirts right now. One reads, "Isla Vista United."  The other, "#Notonemore."

The company received boxes of shirts this afternoon and they will be on the racks immediately.  Online orders have been pouring in at www.the

"It's simple, it's sweet. The three words:  strength, hope, and community (at the bottom) and it is very important for this community," said Gersenberger.

He says a large portion of each t-shirt sale will go to a special fund being set up by UC Santa Barbara to help the families of those killed, and the surviving victims.

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