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New Isla Vista fence now installed on dangerous cliff

Should reduce falls, injuries, and deaths

New Isla Vista Fence

ISLA VISTA, Calif. - One of the more dangerous spots in Santa Barbara County is now much safer.  A new fence has gone up on the edge of a large open space on Del Playa Drive in Isla Vista with a 50-foot drop to the beach.

It's expected to save lives in an area that has been known, for years, to be very risky for residents, mainly college students.

Since last fall, there have been two deaths and at least two serious injuries linked to falls from Isla Vista cliffs.

UC Santa Barbara External Vice president, Rhandi Siordia said, "cliff falls have been an issue in Isla Vista. We have had fatalities, injuries, thinks like that.   Building the fence was our way of making sure every single park has protection."

Sciordia led the student effort to raise funds for the fence.  He found out, it would cost $6000.   In just a few weeks, the students came up with $1000.   After making a request to local leaders, the county provided $5000.

With that,  the fence was immediately built.

"I think it's a long time coming," said Isla Vista resident Colburn Mowry.  He said it would, "keep all the drunk people from walking off the edge."

A special dedication ceremony for the fence will take place early next month.

NOTE    Video for this story will be posted later today.


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