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New fundraising website to help hourly workers impacted by recent disasters


SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - A new fundraising site is up and running with the sole purpose of helping wage earners in the 93108 zip code impacted by the recent disasters.

"It just came to me that the people who are most vulnerable are those wage earners, hourly wage earners who make between $8 dollars and $20 dollars an hour," Ron Blitzer said to NewsChannel 3.

Blitzer is one of six local movers and shakers behind the newly created 93108FUND.ORG fundraising website, along with nearly one dozen local business partners.

"We've raised about $20,000 dollars," Blitzer said. "Just today we distributed our first $5,000. This is for house cleaners and gardeners -- all service people in this community that really help make it such a special place."

Blitzer, a Montecito resident for 20 years, explained that the site has a simple verification process in both English and Spanish that matches employees to their employers. 

Check amounts vary between $300 dollars and $600 dollars per person, one time only, and will be distributed each week at a different business on Coast Village Rd.

On Wednesday, eligible employees picked up their checks at the Tennis Shop; next week, checks will be distributed at Jeannine's American Bakery Restaurant. 

"People can just go in there and pick up their checks," Blitzer said. "It's quiet and it's dignified and we're going to make an impact on people's lives." 

Blitzer said the 93108FUND.ORG site will remain up until June 1. The goal is $800,000.

"I don't think we'll have a problem raising the money we need," Blitzer said. "I just don't want to end up with 1,500 applicants and let people down. So, I'd appreciate all the help we can get."

To make a donation or to request a grant, click here:

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