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Network Hardware Resale Plans Job Fair as Business Continues to Grow

Demand for refurbished and pre-owned computers is high worldwide

Tech Job Fair

GOLETA, Calif. - A growing Goleta computer business is looking for new workers in many different departments, and it's scheduling a job fair for next week.  Some openings are immediate. Some will be filled later this year.

Outside of Network Hardware Resale it's clear they are looking for new workers. A large banner sign is up saying, "We are hiring."

President Mike Sheldon says,"we've grown ten fold in ten years. The company has been on a real tear. Even in the (economic) down turn we stayed flat and took off again.  So we see the company doubling again in five years."

Refurbished and pre-owned computers, servers and other key components are necessary components for nearly every business, and this company needs to fill many positions including employees in operations, finance, marketing, sales, client services and front line technicians.

"We want the best candidates.  We want the most candidates to come all at once  and really see,  if you are willing to work really hard, and have a sense to do many things. That's still true," said Sheldon. "We are not hiring specific skills for one narrow avenue. We are looking for people that can wear multiple hats and play lots of roles. If that describes you,  go ahead an apply."

Sheldon also says the company has a solid benefit package, a yoga room, and award events for employees.

A job fair is scheduled for next Thursday January 23, 2014 at the Goleta headquarters for Network Hardware Resale, combined with a South Coast Technology Symposium.

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