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Murder mystery novel launched at Goleta retirement community

"Lucifer in Celestial Gardens" releases on Nov. 27

"Lucifer in Celestial Gardens" releases on Nov. 27

GOLETA, Calif - Award-winning murder mystery novelist A.J. Harris is set to release his latest novel, "Lucifer in Celestial Gardens" in November at his senior living community.

The novel follows the story of three boys who grow up in a small western town in Illinois.

Harris said he was inspired to write the novel after reading about a scandal involving a number of funeral homes in the Midwest, "where unfortunate things had been done to the deceased."

"The amazing things about Al (A.J. Harris), he looks like he is 70, but Al is 94. And he is still going strong," said Harris' wife Yetta.

The Harris' live at the Maravilla Senior Living Community in Goleta. A.J. has written three books while living at the senior living community and has published eight in total. Harris hosts a creative writing class for those living in the community.

"They enjoy critiquing. When I present my papers I will get at least half a dozen people telling me what I did wrong and that's fine," said Harris. "And because I do take their advice my book should be perfect."

Harris says that most of the people in the community have some "creative bent". Several have written books and some have been associated with newspapers.

"It shows that people, regardless of how old they are, they can create, they can work to keep their mind going", said Yetta Harris.

"Lucifer in Celestial Gardens" will be launched at the senior living community on November 27 at 3:00 p.m. at the Clubhouse.

For more information on A.J. Harris and all of his work, visit his website.


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