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Public works reopens Miramonte Drive after mudslide

Resident: "There was about a foot of very wet mud"

Mudslide shuts down residential...

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - Santa Barbara Public Works Department crews spent the better part of Sunday and Monday cleaning up a massive mudslide from a residential road in Santa Barbara.

The slide happened late Saturday night on the 1000 block of Miramonte Drive.

Mud came down from the hillside, blocked the street and tore down a fence.

"My husband and I walked up the street and there was about a foot of very wet mud the water was running down the street in the gutter," said Rochelle Mackey, a resident on Miramonte Drive. 

Mackey lives two doors down from the mudflow. 

Santa Barbara City Fire Department responded to try and determine the cause of the slide.

Battalion Chief Jim McCoy said a leaking water main probably played a role.

"It's under investigation but we turned a water meter off at a private residence up above and we think that at least contributed to it," McCoy said.

Damage was mostly minor and no injuries were reported.

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