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More Water Savings Urged After Current Conservation Falls Short

Residents looking for new ways to save water and lower bills

Santa Barbara Water Drought Folo

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - The call for a 20-percent water reduction did not get residents and businesses to cut back enough in Santa Barbara , and now they are being asked to do more.

Water supplies continue to drop.  Cachuma Lake is down to 38-percent of its capacity. Little or no rain is in the immediate forecast.

One resident said she recently had a city water inspector come to her house to suggest ways to reduce water use on landscaping and inside.  "He told me where I could put in drip and get rid of my grass and how I could put in different sprinkler heads," said Suzon Bishop.

The city has a rebate program for certain water saving investments, up to $1000.

One parent Yumi Bullag is urging her boys to take shorter showers, and make sure they wash full loads of clothing. "I think everyone in California is concerned and want to do our part, I think we are aware of it," she said.

Michael Briggs has been noticing some sprinkler systems in his neighborhood have not changed and continue to go on, even in wet weather.  "We had a little bit of rain recently. All my neighbors sprinklers came on, in the rain,"he pointed out.

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