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More Details Emerge About Isla Vista Rampage

Shooter Fired More Than 50 Gunshots Throughout Small College Town

More details emerge about Isla Vista rampage

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - Sheriff Bill Brown addressed the Board of Supervisors Tuesday, releasing more chilling details about the Isla Vista rampage that happened less than two weeks ago.

Brown called it one of the largest mass murders in the county's history.

"This case stunned our community and captured the world's attention," he said.

It will take several more weeks until the Sheriff's Department's investigation on the murders is completed, but more details are coming out.

"We believe during his brief rampage, Elliot Rodger fired more than 50 rounds of ammunition, changing magazines more than five times during the shooting spree," Brown said as he spoke to the Supervisors.

The spree was over in less than 8 minutes. Brown said after a chase and shoot out with deputies, he took it own life.

In Rodger's car, deputies found three 9mm handguns and 410 rounds of ammunition that were loaded into 41 magazines.

In the days following the rampage, Brown said many people have been questioning what happened and how it could have been prevented. Some of those questions were directed at his office.

"Elliot Rodger was very clever and very adept and convincing people that he was functional and not a threat to himself or others," he said.

Brown said not only did the 22-year-old convince friends and family but also mental health professionals and law enforcement officers.

"Elliot Rodger's journey from innocence to homicidal rage was a long and complicated one with many different elements, twists and turns," he said.

Brown said the tragedy will go down in history with other mass shootings in the country and he hopes the problem of violence with the mentally ill be will addressed.

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