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Montecito Water District Running Out of Water

Montecito Water District Running Out of Water

MONTECITO, Calif. - The rain we experienced this week was not enough to make up for one of the driest rainy seasons on record.  That is why leaders in Montecito are declaring a water shortage emergency.

"At the current rate of consumption, we will run out of water by mid-July," said Tom Mosby of the Montecito Water District.

Members of the Montecito Water District and the community met for several hours on Thursday, finalizing a draft ordinance to deal with their water emergency.

Many Montecito properties have big water bills and large lawns.  The district said the number one way residents can save their water supply is by reducing their outside watering.

"A lot of the larger properties are still overwatering.  In fact if you look and you drive around this community today, we had a small amount of rain last night.  It's cloudy today, people are still irrigating.  You don't need to irrigate in this type of weather," said Mosby.

This is just one of many urgent requests by local water agencies for residents to save our water supplies.  

Mosby said if water use is not reduced by at least 30 percent in the Montecito Water District, the district is expected to run out of water by July.

A public meeting discussing the restrictions is set for Feb. 11 at 2 p.m.  It will be held at the Montecito Fire District Conference Room.

For more information on the Montecito Water District and the restrictions they are proposing, click here.

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