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Montecito businesswoman opens up furniture warehouse to Montecito flood victims

Businesswoman opens furniture warehouse for mudslide victims

GOLETA, Calif. - A Montecito businesswoman is opening up her furniture warehouse for victims of the Montecito mudslides. 

Melissa Pierson's warehouse is filled with beds, couches, desks and pretty much anything you need to turn a house into a home. 

"We have everything," Pierson said. 

Pierson, of Coastal Hideaways Vacation Rentals, typically uses the furniture to stage homes. 

But, she is now willing to lend out her furniture to those who lost everything on Jan 9, when mud and debris flowed on top of parts of Montecito. She also said she will donate her time to furnish empty homes for property owners willing to rent out to evacuees. 

"I probably have enough furniture right now in my warehouse to set up 8 homes completely," she said. 

If you or someone you know needs furniture, or linens contact Melissa Pierson at  805-448-1999.

Or email her at 

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