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Meth Bust in Lompoc

Meth Bust in Lompoc

LOMPOC, Calif. - A four month, joint investigation between the Lompoc Police Department's Gang and Narcotics Enforcement Team and Santa Barbara's Regional Narcotics Enforcement Team lead to a $45,000 methamphetamine bust.

Three people were arrested. Agents nabbed nearly one pound of meth during a raid at a motel on the 1700 block of Broadway in Santa Maria.

Police say Ana Mendoza of Bakersfield had three quarters of a pound of meth, along with her child, when she was arrested. The 55-year-old woman faces felony child endangerment and drug charges.

Two other suspects, Pedro Rodriguez and Tiffany Caro, are from Lompoc. Police say 69-year-old Rodriguez was in possession of  four ounces of meth, along with a revolver. 32-year-old Caro was also in possession of meth.

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