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Mesa Liquor's flashy sign catches attention

Santa Barbara City Planner says sign is illegal

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - The Mesa Liquor store on Cliff Drive continues to use a flashy sign even though officials say it doesn't meet city regulations.

The signage was a flatter in 2016, but on Friday the characters were bolder, raised and colorful. 

Our reporter Vicky Nguyen spoke to a store clerk inside asking to speak to the manager or business owner. A male store clerk says the owner had "left for the day and should be in Ventura." 

Turns out, the signage does not meet the City of Santa Barbara's ordinance. 

"The city specifically prohibits blinking, flashing or changing types of signs," said Jaime Limon, city planner. 

The city's sign ordinance has been in place for decades. 

"Santa Barbara is known throughout the world an architectural and signage enhanced community and what I mean by enhanced is we have reduced signage. Therefore, it doesn't give you an aesthetic of a negative appeal that other communities have," said Limon.

The lights that flashed on Friday was turned on Monday night hours. 

Our reporter visited the liquor store two times and also called the business multiple times. She was unable to connect with the owner of the business.

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