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Man Arrested for Stealing From Medication Collection Box

Man Arrested for Stealing From Medication Collection Box

CARPINTERIA, Calif. - A man was caught red-handed stealing from a special medication collection box in front of the Santa Barbara County sheriff's station in Carpinteria.

The Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Department says Christian Kulbe of Santa Barbara was found messing with the Carpinteria Operation Medicine Cabinet box late Saturday night.

A sergeant who spotted Kulbe arrested him after finding him using a fishing pole type device to remove medication from the box.

"When he contacted the suspect, what he saw is that he was using a homemade cord with a fishing hook attached, to actually fish items out of the Operation Medicine Cabinet kiosk. This is something we haven't seen before, but definitely an attempt on his part to get items out of there," said Kelly Hoover with the Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Office.

While this time the cabinet was misused, normally the cabinets are a great resource for the community to safely dispose of unwanted or unused medication.

For more information on how Operation Medicine Cabinet works, click here.

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