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Man Admits to Rewarding Good Students With Marijuana

Police Bust Dealer Near Santa Barbara High School

SANTA BARBARA, Calif - A Santa Barbara man was arrested for selling marijuana to Santa Barbara High School students after an undercover operation Sunday.

Santa Barbara police texted Jeffery Nicholas Carpenter's cell phone to arrange a deal near the campus around 1 p.m.

Carpenter met police 30 minutes later at Nopal Street and Figeroa Street.

Police found $100 worth of marijuana in a large mason jar in his car, an electronic scale with marijuana residue and over $350 in cash.

Carpenter's cell phone also showed a history of texts arranging drug deals.

Carpenter admitted to conducting 30 to 40 marijuana drug deals a day from Carpinteria to Goleta, including Santa Barbara High School students.

He said he usually asked if students had good grades and wouldn't sell to students who used methamphetamine.

Carpenter has been booked into the Santa Barbara County Jail with a bail of $20,000.

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