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Los Patos Exit May Now be Safer for Truckers

Accident prone off ramp has new warning lights

Los Patos Way Exit Gets Lights

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. -      New blinking lights have been installed at the Highway 101 - Los Patos exit in Santa Barbara where truck drivers are often caught off guard by a low train trestle.

The two blinking lights should warn drivers of tall trucks, there is a unique exit ahead with a height from the freeway to the train crossing that's barely over 12 feet.

Most bridges are over 15 feet tall and not a problem for the larger vehicles.

In the past, big trucks getting off the freeway in this area, have slammed into the trestle, forcing a shut down of the tracks, and a closure of the off ramp.

Two noted accidents in recent months involved a truck carrying pizza, and another carrying beer.

The drivers were not hurt.

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