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Lompoc's Independence Day Fireworks on the 5th

Lompoc's Independence Day Fireworks on the 5th

LOMPOC, Calif.- - Although it's a day late for many residents, the city of Lompoc said their fireworks show is right on time.

Some in Lompoc had mixed emotions about a show on the 5th.

Steve Kuhn, a Lompoc resident said "My daughters think it's not patriotic to have it on the 5th and they have mixed feelings about it."

It  took a while to sink in, when Kuhn and his family first found out Lompoc has moved its fireworks show to the 5th, he's lived in Lompoc his entire life and said  he's rarely missed the fireworks show.

"Every job I've ever taken I've said I have to have 4th of July off," Kuhn said.

This is Lompoc's second year allowing ‘safe and sane' fireworks on the streets. JoAnne Plummer, with Lompoc Parks and Recreation said that's part of the reason the fireworks show  may have a decline in attendance last year. This year they decided to hold the show on July 5, in hopes of seeing a larger crowd, because people won't be doing their own fireworks in the streets.

Kuhn said this year was a win-win because he was able to see two fireworks shows on the Central Coast, however he said that's only because the 4th of July holiday fell on a weekend.

City officials will  city officials will wait and see what people think about the show, before making a decision for next year.


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