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Lompoc Proclamation Denial for Anti-war Campaign

Mayor says request doesn't fit what the city has done traditionally.

LOMPOC, Calif. - "We want this to go global so that we end up at the U.N. with a global proclamation that says this will be one year when we step down, cease fire, where we allow other things to happen and that we rethink our commitment to war", says Dulcie Sinn of the "A Year Without War" campaign.

Sinn says her husband, a Santa Barbara City College professor,  and one of his former students launched the "A Year Without War" campaign with a goal of stopping all global warfare and hostilities during the year 2020.

"We want to say how can we have a peace dividend", Sinn says about the 2020 campaign, "something economically that would help with our infrastructure. schools, our hospitals, health care and we need to take a break from war."

"I think it would be a wonderful thing", says Lompoc Mayor John Linn, "I just don't think its an area we should be involved in in proclamations."

Linn says since the city does not have a formal policy for accepting, reviewing and approving requests for city proclamations, the responsibility of approving or denying rests with the Mayor based on tradition.

"I mean some of them were way out there, I had one awhile back about UFO's", Mayor Linn says about previous requests for official proclamations.

The Mayor's decision not to grant a proclamation for the "A Year Without War" group has created a stir in a city that for decades has been closely tied demographically and economically to the growth and success of of Vandenberg Air Force Base.

"The population is a little more conservative than other places, obviously the south county is a little more liberal", Mayor Linn says about Lompoc, "but what I've tried to do as mayor is to take those things that were liberal and conservative issues and not bring them into the proclamation arena because I've turned down proclamations for both sides, that's not really what a proclamation is for."

Sinn says the "A Year Without War" campaign is seeking a proclamation from the City because it was launched in Lompoc.

The issue returns to the City Council later this month for discussion.

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