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Lompoc Neighborhoods Strengthen Their Relationship with Law Enforcement

LOMPOC, Calif. - Central Coast communities are working to strengthen their relationship with local law enforcement.

It's all an effort to create safer communities.

On Tuesday Lompoc held its annual National Night Out event. It's is a country wide program  centered around preventing crime. 

Lompoc police say the relationships they build with the community are very important because people in the community have helped solve many crimes in the past.

Several ways law enforcement builds relationships with the community are through programs like the citizens academy, neighborhood watch, and events like National Night Out.

Cathy Mozuela  is neighborhood watch co-captain at Lompoc's newest neighborhood to join the program.

Mozuela said burglars broke into her house three years ago. They took her camera, jewelry and more.

Being a victim of burglary brought her to help kick-off a neighborhood watch program on her street.

Treshawn Pelky , a Lompoc resident said also living in Mozeula's neighborhood, said "I think it's awesome we need security, my parents car has been broken into."

Sergeant Chuck Strange of Lompoc said nearly all crimes are solved with the help if people in the community.

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