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Local Residents React to Iraq Crisis

Concerns raised over possible U.S. involvement

Local Reaction to Iraq Crisis

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - The violence in Iraq this week, has resulted in many areas, once defended by U.S. troops, falling into the hands of insurgents. 

Large scale American forces left the area in 2011.

President Obama spoke about the conflict this morning saying his staff is closely monitoring the situation, but he also said Iraq's government has to show it can sustain its own military. 

In Santa Barbara we asked local residents and veterans their opinions.

"We've been working over there for so long, and so many people have died including my friends. I really just think we should 'get the heck out of Dodge'. Our foreign affairs are a mess but our current affairs are even worse, I want to focus more on the United States," said Michah Greasby, a war veteran.

Another veteran, Guy Grant said, "the only reason why they are doing anything over there is that we got a black eye from all the terrorist events here."

A visitor, from England said, other nations usually do not help the U.S. or British forces on the battlefield in Iraq, and he did not support sending in ground troops again.

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