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Local expert says Iran's nuclear deal is a step forward

Iran's nuclear deal

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - The temporary freeze on Iran's nuclear program is a 6-month interim deal wherein Iran promises to stop it's enrichment program and open all it's facilities to IAEA daily inspections.

Professor Manoutchehr Eskandari-Qajar says Iran will have to cut back on constructing new centrifuges and enrichment facilities. They must allow daily access for inspections. In return, Iran gets more than $7 billion worth of economic sanction relief, while a final agreement is worked out.

Professor Eskandari says Iran has agreed to show what they have and they're willing to open up a line of communication that hasn't existed for a long time

But recent anti-American and  anti-Israel rhetoric heard out of Iran simply fuels the skepticism.  What if Iran doesn't fulfill its commitment?

If Iran does not comply, the international community will add more sanctions and pressure. But this is a move Professor Eskandari-Qajar says would not be in the interest of the Iranians. He says any non-compliance would indicate that Iran has hostile intentions. 

The expert also says that this deal is a step forward.  The U.S.  may find a new partner in dealing with issues in the middle east, and  for Iran it's a good deal, so that they wont be viewed as a pariah but as a productive member.

NewsChannel 3 Anchor Shirin Rajaee reports.

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