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Local call center CEO killed in Arizona

Fusion Contact Center has offices in Santa Maria and Scottsdale

Fusion Call Center CEO Murder

SANTA MARIA, Calif. - Workers at a Santa Maria call center found out on Thursday that Steven Singer, the CEO of their company, was one of the people shot and killed at a Phoenix office.

Fusion Contact Centers is based in Scottsdale but on its website, it lists two Santa Maria addresses. The first building on the 1200 block of McCoy Lane seemed to be empty except for piles of computers and some chairs.

At the other address on the 800 block of Stowell Road, NewsChannel 3 spoke with the office director.

"Unfortunately we have to direct you to no comment and direct you to our corporate office in Phoenix," he explained from the doorway.

The director said the company would release a statement soon from Arizona.

Employees outside the Santa Maria building weren't saying much about their boss, except that he did not live in the area but did visit the center often. The last time was just two weeks ago.

Police in Arizona said Arthur Harmon shot and killed Singer on Wednesday. According to KNXV, a NewsChannel 3 sister station, Singer and Harmon were in a lawsuit over furniture at one of Fusion's offices in Santa Maria.

On Thursday, the shooting suspect was found dead from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound.

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