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Local Broadcaster Brad Jay Ready to Announce at the 2014 Olympics

Set to excite the crowds at snowboarding events in Sochi, Russia starting Friday.

Local Olympic Announcer

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - Local broadcaster Brad Jay is in Sochi, Russia where he is on a team of announcers for the 2014 Winter Olympics.

Jay has been on big stages before, from the local airwaves, to the X-Games, past Olympics, and he even had a job handling the music at Dodger Stadium.

Now his job is  to bring the 2014 Olympic athletes into the spotlight.

A veteran announcer, Jay grew up in Lompoc as Brad Lillie.

He has also been a popular radio announcer on KJEE and KTYD radio in Santa Barbara since the 1990's.      He is currently the evening DJ on KTYD (99.9 FM), playing classic rock each night to the Santa Barbara audience.

Speaking to us via I-phone he said while there's talk of security issues in Sochi,   Russia, he is not  worried.

"When the games go on, it's not about local security it's international security. That means the world comes together and runs the whole games. That's got to be the safest place to be -  to be there during the games,  with all the security there, as far as I am concerned."

Jay will be at the mic for Olympic Slopestyle  and Half Pipe competition....

He is also the recorded voice at the venues giving guests information and directions.

He's focused on this assignment on the world stage, and is fearless about his role at the event sites.
"The message I tell  my friends and family is the message I believe in - that it is 100 percent safe. You are going to watch these games and you are going to enjoy them and nothing is going to happen."

Jay has become friends with many of the athletes and, like them, proudly flies the red, white, and blue.

"So many big things have happened during the Olympics. Iam honored to be part of it . I am super excited about the opportunity to  represent at the Olympics,"said Jay.

He signed off from his video feed to KEYT NewsChannel 3 saying, "Go team U.S.A.  Bring home the gold!"

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