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Learning to live life to the fullest after becoming legally blind

Learning to live life to the fullest

SANTA BARBARA COUNTY, Calif. - Travis Spier is making the most out of his unfortunate health issues that left him legally blind two years ago.

Spier was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease four years ago. Doctors only gave him a fifty percent chance to live, but he beat those odds.

After becoming legally blind Spier left work as a operations manager at the County of Santa Barbara Resource Recovery Waste Management. He started to attending the Braille Institute to learn how to live life with this new obstacle.

Spier returned back to work in November managing more than 40 people. He has learned how to read and write emails through new technology that allows him to work like he has never lost his sight. The County has also provided him with the equipment as well as transportation.

"The County has been great with some of the bigger accommodations," said Spier. "Obviously I don't drive. The DMV took my license for some reason so the County set me up with a Uber account when I go to meetings so I am able to get around."

Travis was just qualified for a seeing eye dog come July, but what has help him up until this point is focusing on the positives and not taking life too seriously.

"Humor helps and I have a lot of blind jokes so be sure to laugh at those or we can't be friends, said Spier. "And optimism I believe is a choice. I could of chosen to dwell on my vision loss and sickness, but instead I choose to look at what I do have."


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