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Lawsuit Filed Against Regents in UCSB Rape Case

Brutal attack occurred on the UCSB campus in 2014

UCSB Rape case and lawsuit

UC SANTA BARBARA - A complaint for damages has been filed against the University of California Regents in connection with a rape, assault and kidnapping on the UC Santa Barbara campus in February 2014.

Attorney's Joshua Lynn and Tyrone Maho are representing a victim who's name has not been publicly released.

The complaint alleges a female student who first came to UCSB in 2012, was on the streets of Isla Vista when she was taken against her will to the track area of the campus nearby and brutally attacked for hours. The area was described as "overgrown with foliage that it resembled a maze," with inadequate lighting or a way for the general public to see what was going on behind the fence and brush.

The area today, is cleared out and has an openness to it, with visibility from the nearby street and the adjacent bicycle pathway.

Lynn says the victim was separated from a male friend in Isla Vista and then three suspects were able to take her directly and forcibly into the darkened track area on campus where  she was beaten and raped.  At times she was on her hands and knees, and "was kicked and punched in the face, head and abdomen repeatedly," states the complaint.

About 4 a.m. she escaped, made it back to her apartment and the Sheriff's Department was called.  She was immediately treated at Cottage Hospital for her injuries, and medical evidence relating to the rape, DNA, and HIV were collected.

The attorney's say while they are encouraged to see the school improve the safety of the area now,  they are seeking information about the UC Police staffing at the time of the reported rape, along with the timeline for maintaining the landscaping in the area of the track.

The complaint says that UCPD, "Did not reach out to a better equipped law enforcement agency to assist with the investigation."

The claim involves personal injury, assault, battery, rape and kidnapping along with emotional distress and negligence.

UC Santa Barbara says it is aware of the legal action, but at this time no comment or written response has been released.

The action was filed in Santa Barbara Superior Court.

After the attack, nearly two years ago, there was a flyer with illustrations of two suspects widely distributed around the Isla Vista community.  It's unknown if that led to any possible suspects.

To read the full complaint filed against UC Regents, Click Here.

To contact Tyrone Maho:

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