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Lawns at Santa Barbara Parks Go Brown in Drought

Water cutbacks underway, but some will be spared

Park Lawns Go Brown in Drought

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - Lawns are starting to turn brown at many Santa Barbara parks with a water conservation plan kicking in.

Some prominent areas are showing immediate changes from the lush green look they are known for including the ocean side of Chase Palm Park and Shoreline Park on the Mesa..

"We are focusing our planning  on looking at areas that we want to continue watering because of the recreation value they provide and also because we want  the turf to remain safe  such as our ball fields," said Assistant Santa Barbara Parks and Recreation Director Jill Zachary. "We are looking at other areas while it is not ideal, the loss of water and reduced irrigation won't create a long term loss to that park or that resource."

The city says some lawns can handle the drought and will rebound in the next rain.

Sensitive turf, new landscaping, or certain trees will also still get water .

"Some of the other things we are doing is, we are turning off all of our decorative fountains, in fact they are already been turned off. So you will notice the fountain at Chase Palm Park is no longer running water," said Zachary.

A full report on the drought plan for city parks will be presented to the Parks and Recreation Commission by the end of the month.

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