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Lavagnino Gets Gavel as New Santa Barbara Supervisors Chairman

Deferred issues will be addressed with tough budget decisions

New SBCO Board Chair

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - Fifth District Santa Barbara County Supervisor Steve Lavagnino has taken the center seat as the Board Chair for the next year.

The ceremony was at the Mural Room inside the landmark Santa Barbara County Courthouse at the request of Lavagnino. His wife and parents were seated in the front row.  The room was packed with county leaders, and interested citizens for the event.

Outgoing Chairman Salud Carbajal keeps his post as the First District Supervisor and read off a list of accomplishments during his tenure.

Lavagnino says deferred maintenance has run up a bill in the county of over $250 million.   He is hoping to target ways to chip away at that issue especially as it relates to road repairs and building improvements.

"That's going to be a big struggle. For the next few years, how do we deal with the big ticket items looming out there," said Lavagnino. "Like a homeowner you can  pay your monthly bills, but are you painting the house, are you taking care of the yard,  are you taking care of the car?   All that deferred maintenance that we let build up when times were tough, we have to start taking care of that."

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