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King Tides Soak the Coast

Even without a storm, the winter tidal surge is spectacular

King Tides

MONTECITO, Calif. - The "King Tide" has made a splash along the west coast, and many areas were soaked this morning.

Each winter some of the highest tides of the year come ashore, and when it's combined with a storm, there's often coastal damage.   That's not the case today where the weather is unseasonably warm and calm, especially in Southern California.

Along Butterfly Beach in Montecito, the seawall and rocky coast was hammered by the crashing surf.  Many residents, and visitors, had cameras out to take pictures of the exploding waves.   Only a few went down to the sand, and that was after the waves began to recede.

One surfer, Dane Holroyd said he would wait until later in the day to get in the water.  "You have to wait until the tide drops later," he said. "Then I'll be out there."

Paddleboarders got beyond the surf and said the ocean was calm for them, with no wind.  It was called a perfect day to be on the other side of the action hitting the shorelines.   "It's pretty fun.  None of the short boarders come out so it's good for paddle boarding," said John Brady after pulling his board out of the water.

This year, the California King Tides initiative has a web page asking citizens to take and post pictures from different areas to show what could be the look of our coastline if the sea level should rise significantly  in the years ahead.

For more information about the King Tides initiative go to :

 More information and video will be posted on this site later today.

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