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Journalist Lou Cannon Shares His Thoughts on Kennedy Assassination

Cannon remembers how professional the coverage was following JFK's death

Lou Cannon Remembers Kennedy

SUMMERLAND, Calif. - Former White House correspondent Lou Cannon has covered his share of presidents. He remembers them all, especially John F. Kennedy.

Cannon met Kennedy on a train and said he remembers the movement of the train caused Kennedy to fall and push away from reporters.

In hindsight he now knows the young candidate had a bad back, something Cannon can relate to today.

He also remembers working for the San Jose Mercury-News when Kennedy was shot.

Reporters were waiting on a verdict in a high profile murder, but quickly and professionally turn their attention to the assassination.

Less than two decades later, Cannon was there when another would-be assassin tried to kill President Ronald Reagan just 69 days into his presidency.

Cannon who has four children and eight grandchildren said sometimes commemorative coverage can intrude on memories.

Watching the motorcade video is still heart-breaking to the  Reagan biographer, family man and journalist.

But Cannon knows it's educational for those who are not old enough to have experienced it.

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