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Jewelry and Art Combined at Oliver & Espig Gallery

New concept on display in downtown Santa Barbara

Jewelry and Art Combined at Oliver & Espig Gallery

SATNA BARBARA, Calif. - The Oliver & Espig jewelry store in Santa Barbara is adding local art to create a unique gallery.

Located at 1108 State St. in the La Arcada Court, the store is expanding, to reach more customers, but also to offer more for current clients who have a taste for jewelry and art.

"Yes, absolutely a similar customer.  This will delight those who come here and get other people to come here for the art and see there's jewelry here," said Curator Dianna Bottoms. "It all comes from the same place."

The store now has sculptures, paintings, and wearable art.

There will be a celebration reception for the new gallery during the downtown "First Thursday" event tomorrow.  It's open to the public.

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