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It's Easy to Celebrate National Farmers Market Week Close to Home

Several markets are held every week

Farmers Market

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - Shoppers have been feasting during National Farmers Market week. Locally they don't have far to go to get to a market, since they are held nearly every day of the week.

One local resident, Morgan Visalli said she looks forward to the Tuesday market in Santa Barbara on State sT.  She likes to  taste the fresh fruit and see the street scene.   "I love getting off of work and getting a huge sweet peach and walking up and down looking at all the produce."

Other customers like to talk directly to the farmers.  "I love knowing where my food is coming from, and where it is grown. If someone says it is organic and they grew it, I tend to trust them," said Madelyn Reusser. "I have been coming for 25 years."

When asked if there is a difference from the fresh produce on display at local stores?    "Oh my goodness it is phenominal. The difference, it really is. Great variety,  great shoppers, great customers, farms from as far away as the central valley and some from 20 miles from the farmers markets," said Tom Shepherd of Shepherd farms.

In California, there are 800 certified farmers markets, the most in the country.
These days the farm fresh varieties give customers more choices than ever.

"We have some beautiful lettuces that look like flowers. So people can't believe what they are so they will  ask, 'what is this?' Is this lettuce? " said Debby Takikawa of the Garden Of... farms.

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