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Isla Vista Tragedy Sparks Gun Debate

Isla Vista Tragedy Sparks Gun Debate

SANTA MARIA, Calif. - Some members of congress are hoping to revive the gun control debate.

Santa Maria residents weighed in on current policies.

Owner of Tacti-Cool  Guns and Gear, Brian Anton, said, "It seems like the fact that a fire-arm was used is going to overshadow the fact that three people were killed using a knife and others hurt with a car."

The gunman responsible for Friday nights rampage purchased guns legally.

Santa Barbara County Sheriffs said three 9mm semi-automatic handguns were recovered from the suspect's vehicle.  Two of the guns were Sig-Sauer P226 models, and one was a Glock 34 long-slide.  The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms assisted the Sheriff's Office in confirming that all of the weapons were legally purchased from federally licensed firearms dealers and were registered to the suspect.  One weapon was purchased in Goleta, one in Oxnard and one in Burbank. 

All of the weapons were loaded.  Rodger had in his possession 34 loaded ten round magazines for the Sig-Sauer pistol and 7 ten round magazines for the Glock pistol.  Also recovered were five empty magazines for a Sig-Sauer pistol.

Daylene Santos of Santa Maria said, "There should be more of an extensive background check."

Some Santa Maria residents said the background checks aren't through enough. The tragedy in Isla Vista has sparked the debate.

Santa Maria resident Daniel Ayala said "I think  there is a lot of people out there using them irresponsibly but there are a lot of people out there getting guns to protect their family and protect themselves from people with guns."

Carl Biats said, "The gunman slipped through the cracks, the officers came out and talked to them and he acted like everything was good."

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