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Isla Vista Residents Speak Out About Prescription Drug Busts

Three arrests in the last week

Prescription Drugs in Isla Vista

ISLA VISTA, Calif. - Many Isla Vista residents say while their town is known for parties, they don't want to be in an area where serious drugs, weapons, and violence take over.

That is a concern after three arrests in the last week, in part for large quantities of prescription drugs.

In one case weapons were also found.

Last month there was also a drug overdose death, although specific details on any connection between the recent drug busts and the fatality have not been made.

That investigation is on going.

UCSB Student Gabby Torres stays away from the drug scene, but that doesn't mean it isn't nearby.  She says especially during finals week, "People will come up to me and say, 'do you need something to stay awake?'"

When it comes to weapons and serious "big city" drugs.  "I don't want (Isla Vista) to have a violent reputation," said Gordon Cai, a sophmore at UC Santa Barbara.

One student, Drew Law, says he has avoided those dealing dangerous drugs.  "Maybe I hang out with the wrong group of people, or the right group of people.  It's never in my circles," he said.

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