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Isla Vista Religious Leaders Reaching Out

Isla Vista Religious Leaders Reaching Out

ISLA VISTA, Calif.- - Religious leaders in the Isla Vista are reaching out to students.

The Isla Vista community came together for Sunday morning mass.

Clare Murphy, a student visiting her family in Isla Vista for the summer, said, "I don't have words to say how shocking this is."

The pastor's message at St. Mark's University Parish was one of hope and love.

Murphy said  "The message of love is the really important one of the day to tell people you love them you never know when that would make a difference."

The Rev. John Love said, "This was the work of a mentally ill young man, and the response we see after something like this reinforces my understanding that these students are good young people."

Churchgoers prayed for all the victims, and for the family of the gunman who took the lives of six people.

Love said, "We pray for a young guy who's so mentally disturbed, for his family and all of those who knew and loved him. We want to pray for those people as well, not just the victims but those who perpetrate evil."

The small college town is shaken by the tragedy.
Murphy said "It was a community feeling in the church, coming together and supporting  each other."

Murphy said "It's (Isla Vista) a welcoming place, its a great school. Growing up here, I've always  known it to be a good community."

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