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Isla Vista Move Out Underway as Classes Wrap Up

Finals week comes with boxes and furniture going out the front door

Isla Vista Move Out

ISLA VISTA, Calif. - Most of the UC Santa Barbara students living in Isla Vista are already packing up to move out for the summer. It comes at a time when many are also taking their final exams.

"Our deadline is on Saturday the 16th and basically what we're going to do with all of our stuff is move it to a storage unit," said student and Isla Vista renter Chad Hayes.

For Amanda Harrison, a Santa Barbara City College student living in Isla Vista,  she said, "I don't want to move at all. It's a lot of work." 

Resident David Rocklin was filling a rental truck and described the plan he and a friend had for storing some furniture. "Rent the U-Haul, drive it to Ventura to store it (furniture), rent the U-Haul again in two weeks, drive it back up here and move into our new place a block away."

He said Ventura was cheaper than a local storage.

"In Goleta it was over $200.  In Ventura we got it for 23 bucks," said Rocklin.

There's also a donation program that leads up to a giant Isla Vista fundraising yard sale called "Give Isla Vista."

"They left a flyer that said don't trash it, donate it here. Give it to other people," said resident Nathan Ramos

And later this week, large Marborg dumpsters will be brought in for anyone to throw out what they aren't taking with them when they vacate their apartments.

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