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Isla Vista Move Out Turns into Donation Drive for Big Community Yard Sale

Couches, chairs, refrigerators, desks, sports gear, clothing and jewelry will be sold - just for starters

GIVE Isla Vista Sale

ISLA VISTA, Calif. - The disappearing Isla Vista community, mainly made up of UC Santa Barbara students, is showing its generosity on the way out of town.

Tons of belongings are being donated to the GIVE I.V. event set for later this month.

On the first day of collections at Embarcadero Hall, already cars and trucks loaded with belongings are showing up.

One student making a donation said, "I just hope some students and community members get some use out of it like I did. It's good," said senior, Elizabeth Dowder.

Some of the clothes are in remarkably clean and barely used condition. They will be sold in a specialized area, like a boutique.   Other items are being sorted in different areas of the property for a large two day sales June 21 and 22.

A student on staff with GIVE I.V. Camilia Martinez-Granata was going through bags of clothing and said, "I take nice articles and make an outfit and post it on the facebook page. Need a nice outfit for a job interview, a date, or whatever  graduation? Yea it's good."

Some of the items are "name" brand articles of clothing.  Some were never worn. Others were barely worn. "You can have your wardrobe for the whole year and nobody would imaging you got them in I.V.  It's fantastic clothing," said Viviana Marsano with Give I.V. and the UCSB Office of Student Life.

Items that are worthless are thrown out.

Other items that don't sell, will go to the Goodwill.

The sale has everything, including beds, dressers,  desks, lamps, microwaves, refrigerators, musical equipment and sports gear.

Last year 30 tons of items were donated.

Funds raised on the weekend sale will go to Isla Vista charities.
In 2013, the contribution totaled, $37,000.

Meanwhile on the streets of Isla Vista, Marborg is using a special truck to collect and crush large pieces of furniture left on the roadside including worn out couches and chairs.   There are also special warning signs posted, advising residents not to set the furniture on fire, which is an arson violation. One shows a couch with the words "Learn, don't burn."  

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