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Isla Vista Leftovers Have Unique Interest

Not everything has been donated or removed

Isla Vista Move Out Items

ISLA VISTA, Calif. - With the school year over at UC Santa Barbara, thousands of Isla Vista residents are moving out.  But not all of their belongings are going with them or to a donation center.

Some apparently aren't destined for the dumpster or the GIVE I.V. collection area, where a weekend yard sale is scheduled at Embarcadero Hall.

In the street this week on Camino Pescadero, a full sized, arcade racing game was discarded.   It wasn't clear if it was in working condition or not, but the outside looked worthy of a game room at a bowling alley or local teen center. 

Even with the encouragement to clean up before the move out week,  many front lawns are littered with small tables, chairs, cups, entertainment centers, clothing and items that never made it to a dumpster.

Arson warnings are up for those who feel the need to burn furniture.  This year, unlike years gone by, the number of torched couches and mattresses are down.

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