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Isla Vista Beaches Closed Through The Weekend

Fourth Annual Closure Linked to Floatopia

Isla Vista Beaches Closed For Deltopia

ISLA VISTA, Calif. - The beaches along the coast of Isla Vista will be closed off to the public this coming weekend during the so-called "Floatopia" or "Deltopia" event.

The Santa Barbara County Community Services Department made the announcement Thursday.

The past beachside bacchanals, known as "Floatopia," attracted thousands of partiers and left a large-scale mess that included mounds of trash and human waste.

University of California police and Santa Barbara County sheriff's deputies said the last un-permitted event of 2009 caused public health and safety concerns.

The following year, up to this year, the IV beaches have been closed off during the weekend event. However, partiers moved their location to Del Playa, which led to the name change of "Deltopia."

County officials say this year's event is not a sanctioned event and there are no approved permits issued.

The beaches along Isla Vista will be closed Saturday and Sunday; the Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Department will enforce the closure.

On the beach today, NewsChannel 3 spoke with some young people who were tanning and drinking.

"We come out here and have a lot of fun," said Peter Sanders from Fullerton.  Pointing to a large bottle of Old English 800, a malt liquor he said, "Of course we recycle. We do our part."

When asked if alcohol was allowed on this beach, Sanders said "I don't know, I guess not. I'm another out of townie but I have a lot of respect for this place."

But they realized the massive crowds can be dangerous.

"When people have too many drinks, they get violent. They get rowdy," said Rico Fernandez a  visitor who has been to Isla Vista before.

Carly Sedlek did not dispute the closure. "I think that is a good decision. Deltopia is a dangerous thing. I am not going to say I don't participate because I do."  She said she hoped other young people would travel with a support group so they don't get in trouble with the law or hurt.

One person thought the rule to close beaches should be cancelled and those going to the waterfront should just clean up when they leave.

On Del Playa Drive, an estimated 100 deputies and officers will be visible. There are also several new portable towers with cameras set up for surveillance.

Last year there were 20 arrests, 40 people hospitalized and a crowded balcony collapsed.

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