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Irma, Harvey raise questions: Is this hurricane season normal?

Irma Harvey raise questions Is this...

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - Hurricanes Harvey and Irma left behind total destruction. Many wonder if something like that could happen here on the west coast. 

Officials at the National Weather Service tell say it’s dangerous to talk about what is “normal” for a hurricane season because they can vary widely from year to year. As for a hurricane happening along the West coast, the water is simply too cold. 

John Dumas, a meteorologist from the national weather service says another reason is simply because hurricanes normally track from east to west.
If a hurricane were to form in the warmer waters of Mexico, its track would take it away from California.

While they are unlikely, Dumas says our waters have been warming and that can have an effect on our local weather.

“As far as our weather and climate goes, it’s the strong land ocean temp difference that can drive our sea breezes but we’re not expecting it to do anything like steer hurricanes to us at this point," said Dumas. "Its still very cool compared to the Atlantic."

Dumas says while it's very unlikely for us ever to see a hurricane on the west coast, It is also extremely unusual to see what they're dealing with on the east coast-two major hurricanes back to back.

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