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Immigration Views Come Alive in Dialogue Through Theater

Immigration Views Comes Alive in Dialogue Through Theater

SANTA MARIA, Calif. - A performance titled "Community Speaks: The Other Side of Broadway" will put a spotlight on immigration and immigration reform in Santa Maria.

Students rehearsing on Friday said  they each interviewed up to four people in the community to get a snapshot of Santa Maria's views on the proposed Immigration and Custom Enforcement facility, or ICE. 

Instructor and the director of the production, Karin Hendricks, said, "We interviewed police officers, people who work for non-profits, teachers, real estate agents, and baristas from Starbucks; anyone we could find. We value everyone's voice."

They found a lot of strong opinions about the proposed relocation of ICE.

"We heard a lot people who were in support of the building and we heard from a lot of people who are really not interested in having that ice facility in our town," Hendricks said.  

The play will be a series of community voices, with people telling their stories and what they believe immigration's effects are on the economy, real estate, and crime. 

Hendricks said, "We're really not trying to infuse this with our political perspective."

The main goal of the production is to present a balanced perspective and inspire more conversation and understanding from all points of view.

"When I  introduced it to the cast, there was  a little bit of fear, because it's a big deal to walk up to a stranger and say can you please tell me your story and what you think especially about something as controversial," Hendricks said.

"Community Speaks: The Other Side of Broadway," takes place Sunday, at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are complimentary based on availability.  

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