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I.V. Deli Raises Funds for Scholarships

Donations from food purchases and at the register already coming in

I.V. Deli Raises Funds for Scholarships

ISLA VISTA, Calif. - The owner of the I.V. Deli has found himself in the international spotlight over the last four days, following the shooting rampage by Elliot Rodger.  Now, he is using that somber event to fundraise on behalf of the victims.

Sam Hassan is taking donations at his counter, and will add more from his food sales. He  will then work with U.C. Santa Barbara on scholarships to remember the six victims.

"It's either drop in and put whatever they can or whatever they can afford no matter how small it is," said Hassan.  "Or if you buy a sandwich from us we will put a dollar from that  and at the end of that  we will put in $1000. more in that fund."

He planned to begin the fundraising Wednesday for two days.

Already nearly $1000. has been donated on the counter in a special box.

Hassan is overwhelmed.  He says he knows his customers, knew the victims, and one was fatally shot inside his store.  Outside messages in chalk have been written on the ground, a display of flowers is growing across the curb line, and hearts have been placed on the window,  made by nearby school children.

The I.V. Deli has been on Pardall Rd. for 13 years.  Hassan says he has been offered money for his video camera images, and use of his parking lot.  He won't sell the video to exploit the horrible event, and he is allowing media to use his lot for free if they will move when he tells them. 

In short, he is not looking to profit from the darkest night in Isla Vista history.

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