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Hydrant Sheared Off in Drought Dry Santa Barbara

Water goes down the drain

Hydrant Sheared Off in Drought Dry Santa Barbara

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - Drought dry Santa Barbara saw quite a gusher of water go down the drain this morning when a fire hydrant was sheared off.

It happened when a truck leaving a parking lot collided with the hydrant on the corner of Milpas and Indio Muerto Streets.

The spout was over 30 feet into the air.

Many residents took pictures and gathered around until the Public Works Department got to the scene and closed the valve.

"It is amazing we were sitting across having lunch and saw it go up. It's also amazing with the drought going on.  It was only ten minutes, so everything is fine," said resident Peter Serrano.   

No one was quick enough to get buckets out and capture any of the valuable water at a time when the city is in a State Two drought emergency.

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